Friday, March 30, 2012

We are of stardust-The Most Astounding Fact (Neil deGrasse Tyson)

Video reminds me of song, " Champagne Super-Nova in the Sky." Why I gracefully allow people in my vicinity to apparently harm me. Why I allow, put up with, for too long, and put up with so much utter nonsense from individuals...for too long. They are stardust as much as I. And, yet, now, am waking up myself, at this time. And, now will put up with little pettiness and hoarding of ANYTHING! including love or truth .

This personal expansion into healthful energy fields, disturbs, perhaps in a good way, the tone of those vibrating at different frequencies than mine. A person near any high frequency, unheard, unseen, will be disturbed by high energy. They will come out of unholy tones and frequencies of melancholy, anger, suppressions, apathy and become angry at the messenger disturbing their deep, slumbering, inert and often decaying state. Many people operating at low-tones are chemically medicated, operating as lumbering nearly-dead cadavers with pace-makers and such. They have been given a, man-made, extended chance to lighten their souls and consciences before passing. Sometimes to often,the zombie stated creature will aim to destroy the messenger, completely missing the message. This is normal. But, I DO appreciate the ones who do not want to stay nor-mal. Do not want to stay unhealthfully subdued and hypnotized. Prefer the company of those who want to bring their own heroic, high-minded, high frequency portions into harmony, melody and forefront of life. And, this is why, I do prefer working with & associating with, those who have gone the distance, and come out alive. Only, these same, who are willing to not harm. These heroic-natured individuals, willing to forge new life and soul trajectories.

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