Thursday, November 24, 2011

artist named CopyRight - Even Angels Will Fall Graffiti

Interesting to see again angels, and angel symbols, being emitted through artists.
These angels are perhaps a version not officially recognized by "churchianity" and religions.
This is fine though, for people need to know something good and holy may exist in a recognizable form. In themselves and others.
Angels as messengers, of fine and guiding truth are in operation.
Am glad that as a woman one can be as dynamic, as holy, as powerfully alive and unto oneself as this time of "ANGELS" in indicating.

I see Angels, now, as messengers. It is poetic license perhaps.
I do appreciate the artists.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Signs Out of Time - Marija Gimbutas - p2 sott ita

VERY NOT INTO THE POLITICS that will glom onto this...
just like that this woman and others study & discover so much more...and so deeply beyond the horribly bland and stunted mainstream "history"taught to USA children and adults.