Thursday, November 24, 2011

Angels In Time

The original video I posted was made private. I do not upload them to a channel. 
So, posting another from the Lynx US commercial.
Interesting to see again angels, and women as angel symbols. Stories told by artists.
These angels are perhaps a version not officially recognized by "churchianity" and religions.
This is fine though, for people need to know such holy may exist in a recognizable form. In themselves and others.
Angels as messengers, of fine and living form, are in operation.
Am glad that as a woman, one can be as dynamic, as holy, as powerfully alive and unto oneself as this time of "ANGELS" is indicating.

Angels drawn to people now, now, as messengers. It is poetic license perhaps.
I do appreciate the models, actresses, artists, filmmakers, telling the stories.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Signs Out of Time - Marija Gimbutas - p2 sott ita

VERY NOT INTO THE POLITICS that will glom onto this...
just like that this woman and others study & discover so much more...and so deeply beyond the horribly bland and stunted mainstream "history"taught to USA children and adults.